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System Requirements:
Make sure that you have the minimum system requirements as shown below:

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP
Pentium II - 300MHz, 32MB RAM or above
Pentium II - 300MHz, 32MB RAM or above
500 KB disk space
32K modem or higher
Soundcard and speakers
Microphone (headset recommended)
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Can not connect to the voice chat
If it is your first time using imsvoice voice chat, please make sure that you download Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 relevant to your version of the window from the following link:


If you can nohea vocein our voice chat or having problem connecting to the voice chat please do the following steps below:

1. Point the mouse on top of the Tools in your internet explore, and left click.
2. Go to Internet Option and left click again
3. Left click on Settings
4. After new window opens, left click on View Objects..
5. Find IMCv1 Control, left click on it once then right click and go to Remove and left click to remove it.  The activeX object will be removed, and when you go to the voice chat it will install freshly and you should be able to hear the voice!


Download this Voice Chat Room (28 KB)

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